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Data en onderwerpen van de wetenschappelijke Vergaderingen hier !
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21 May 2021 - 14.00 Hrs : Redding op zee - La securité en mer
+ Workshop: bevrijding uit netten - se dégager des filets

EUBS Webinar on Good Clinical Practice in HBO Therapy

Watch this international online symposium (Dec 15, 2021 16.00-1900) again, from this link.


It is time to renew your membership - remember: combined membership of the Belgian Society and the EUBS (European Underwater Baromedical Society) saves you €€€€€ !


Position de la SBMHS à propos de la plongée après vaccination COVID-19: téléchargez ici

Standpunt van de BVOOG over duiken na COVID-19 vaccinatie: download hier

Position of the SBMHS-BVOOG on diving after COVID-19 vaccination: download here


Position de la SBMHS à propos des Premiers Soins à l'oxygène pour les Accidents de Plongée: téléchargez ici

Standpunt van de BVOOG over Eerste Hulp met Zuurstof bij Duikongevallen: download hier

Position of the SBMHS-BVOOG on Oxygen First Aid for Diving Accidents: download here

Position de la SBMHS sur l'aptitude médicale et le risque de la plongée après infection COVID-19. Téléchargez ici.

Standpunt van de BVOOG over medische geschiktheid en risico's van duiken na doorgemaakte COVID-19 infectie. Download hier.

Position of the SBMHS-BVOOG on medical fitness to dive and risks of diving after COVID-19 infection. Download here.

This book has been written specifically for diving instructors, diving medical physicians and physiologists. It discusses the most recent advances in diving medicine research and is a must read for all who are interested in diving medicine and safety. The "original" is still available as paper book !

Paper book : "The Science of Diving - Things your instructor never told you..."
by Costantino Balestra (Author), Peter Germonpré (Author)
The "original" paper book - an essential addition to each diver's library!

Kindle Edition: "Diving Deeper into SCUBA... Science: Practical and Theoretical Knowledge"
by Costantino Balestra (Author), Peter Germonpré (Author)

The "Science of Diving" book expanded and in Kindle e-version


Kindle Edition : "Scuba Physiological: Think You Know All About Scuba Medicine? Think again!"
by Simon Pridmore (Author), Costantino Balestra (Author), Peter Germonpre (Author)
The "Science of Diving" book in "non-scientific language" in Kindle e-version (no figures)

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